Private 4G/5G Solution


Smart Transportation
Smart Grid
Smart Harbor
Smart Factory
Smart Logistic
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SMAWave’s professional industry devices help various industries achieve safe, reliable, high speed, flexible and convenient private 4G/5G connections.

3GPP full bands supported by SMAWave self developed modules, from 410MHz to 5.9GHz
Band 31, 53, 70, 71, 72, 126 supported Unlicensed bands supported, including CBRS Spectrum band48, band46
Special Frequency Support for Industry
System on Module Design for PLTE
Advantage of SOM Design
Small footprint Lower power consumption, close to 50% Higher operation temperature range Higher reliability as of the simplicity Flexibility by all soft configuration

High UL Device for Industry
What industry scenario differs from carrier application is that uplink bandwidth is higher than downlink. SMAWave PLTE devices can ensure the industry users to get higher UL for different scenarios, by uplink 2x2MIMO, 64QAM, 2CA UL and configure 0 for TDD. The maximum uplink throughput can be up to 150Mbps, can be used for HD video, drone, VR/AR.