Intelligent Mining

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The traditional underground monitoring system can only cope with limited wired video transfer, making it insufficient for the mass data requirement of uncrewed operation. Meanwhile, to find solutions for large mining scale, remote locations, and challenging network situations, Smawave’s private 5G network empowers coal mining with 5G's reliability, large bandwidth, and low delay to realize the transfer of massive HD video and remote control of mining equipment, making the mining site digitalized and uncrewed.

Overview of Intelligent Mining

Business Value

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    Improving On-site Safety

    By constructing uncrewed transportation and remote operation cluster, Smawave minimizes the number of workers on site, achieving the goal of zero casualties to completely solve the challenge of high-risk occupations in the traditional mining industry.

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    Increasing Productivity

    With technologies such as intelligent mining management and unmined vehicles, the site adopts clustered dispatch scheme of mining vehicles, making it possible for complete uncrewed transportation and cluster control of mining equipment for individual workers, which finds solutions for employment and ageing employee population while increasing productivity with lower costs.

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    Reducing Production Costs

    By replacing the actual driver, the uncrewed driving system can save the costs of labor and logistics management services.

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    Intelligent Decision Analysis

    By building various analysis models with the data analysis and decision-making platform, Smawave optimizes mining, transportation, and ground production processes, realizing real-time data collection, the visualized intelligent mining production management,, and the improved resource utilization rate.

Clients Feedback

Smawave’s private 5G network solution can not only effectively reduce the network construction costs, but also meet the coverage demand of mining scenarios, realizing convenient and efficient production intelligent mining.

Smawave’s 5G private network can better serve the production needs of mining enterprises by focusing on the 5G wireless solution of fully intelligent mining and providing more reliable, safer and greener cloud network access.