Establish a new business model, clear
controllable, and optimizable

Thanks to the thriving "Industrial Internet +", Smawave Technology realizes the comprehensive digitization and intelligence of logistics park management, service and operation by deploying a private 5G network and applying intelligent devices, which greatly enhances the value of logistics parks. With the logistics information platform and business system, the network provides convenient services for logistics parks and optimizes transportation, warehousing and distribution management, so as to realize automation, informatization and intelligence while reducing costs and increasing logistics efficiency.

Overview of the Logistics Park

Business Value

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    In-park Cost Reduction & Efficiency Enhancement

    The information platform can realize information sharing, business progress synchronization, unified transportation and distribution management, etc., in all functional departments of the park, significantly enhancing business efficiency.

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    Logistics Cost Reduction & Corporate Efficiency Improvement

    Applying technologies, such as cargo tracking and locating, can help realize intelligent scheduling management, integrate core business processes, improve logistics management, reduce operation costs, and enhance logistics and transportation efficiency.

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    Intelligent Convergence

    Constructing PFID technology and sensor network can realize object-object interconnection and intelligently integrate the logistics, production, procurement and sales systems into enterprise operation, which brings down the barrier of processes and procedures.

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    Satisfying Clients with Better Logistics Experience

    Intelligent logistics provides various services such as self-service cargo source inquiry and tracking, especially the source of food and beverages, allowing clients to buy and consume without worries and concerns. Therefore, it can increase their confidence while promoting consumption, which ultimately plays a positive part in corporate brand promotion.

Clients Feedback

Smawave’s logistics park solution has improved the company's logistics management efficiency, realized the continuous monitoring of trading and transactions, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Smawave’s logistics park solution has significantly realized the online park management and standardized service, ensuring complete online business flow and the supervision of cargo-related information to improve cargo-handling efficiency.