Intelligent Valve

We bridge satellites and the earth
by integrating private 5G networks
and low-orbit satellite IoT.

The intelligent valve empowered by Smawave private 5G network enhances integrated innovative applications, such as "hydraulic balance", "efficient transmission and distribution", "energy saving of pumps and valves," and "energy management and control." Meanwhile, the remote monitoring system realizes intelligent control of remote electric valve equipment with a private 5G network+low orbit satellite.

Overview of the Intelligent Valve

Business Value

  • Intelligent Hydraulic Balance

    The intelligent valve ensures the optimal or reasonable flow demand at each end despite the flow changes in the system.

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    Efficient Digitalized Transmission & Distribution

    The intelligent valve controller uploads the parameters to the cloud platform and monitors the operation status of the pipe network in real-time to ensure efficient digitalized transmission and distribution.

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    Integrated Energy Saving of Pumps & valves

    The coordination between the intelligent valve and pump flow regulation reduces the flow and hydraulic lift in a pump, maximizing the energy-saving potential of the frequency conversion technology.

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    Digital & Intelligent Energy Management

    By directly measuring the in-pipe temperature and sending the data to the energy management system, the intelligent valve can effectively improve digital and intelligent energy management while ensuring accuracy and reliability at a lower cost.

Clients Feedback

Smawave Intelligent Valve provides important intelligence support to achieve system energy saving and integrated valve management for our company.

Achieving the infinite with boundary, we realize endless space with information transfer using Smawave’s private 5G network unlimited space filling with the high-quality Smawave Intelligent valves.

The continuous iteration and upgrade of Smawave intelligent valves HAVE significantly promoted the development of the fluid distribution system towards high energy efficiency, digitalization and intelligence, and networking.