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Retrograde under Covid-19—Smawave engineers in Africa

Retrograde under Covid-19—Smawave engineers in Africa

In 2021, engineers from Smawave technology remained at their posts on the African continent. Even the spread of COVID-19 did not stop their efforts to help local people improve their network service and quality of life.

In Lagos, the largest port city in southwest Nigeria, the basic network service remains 2G/3G. In this way, the outdated infrastructure and slow internet of operators bring considerable inconvenience to local life and work, restricting the development of urban information. Fortunately, Smawave engineers remained at the front line of their African projects to provide quality network services.

As a Smawave engineer, Jiang Cheng is engaged in device testing for local Nigerian operators. Despite the poor local condition, he cannot help being moved by people's desire to improve their lives and work.


Market in Lagos


Gulf of Guinea/Atlantic Ocean off Lagos

Due to the severity of COVID-19 in Africa, the local medical service is enormously burdened by the pressure of epidemic prevention and control. However, Smawave engineers remained. While protecting themselves from the epidemic, they concentrated on their tasks and made every effort to ensure the smooth process of their projects. Besides, in their spare time, they also took time to record the fascinating local customs and stories they saw and heard during their special journey during COVID-19.

As Jiang Cheng said, "During the COVID-19, I felt myself retrograding in Nigeria, the country where our project is located. Here, I could feel my responsibility as a Smawaver, lending my strength and knowledge and representing thousands of constructors from China. Although I am far away from home and my company, I am fearless to overcome all challenges with my colleagues and company, and remain hand-in-hand with the local operators to keep up with the project with my knowledge and skills.


Work on site


Engineer Jiang Cheng withhis local friends

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