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MWC & Smawave

MWC & Smawave

SmawaveTechnology was invited to participate in the Mobile World Congress (MWC), whichconcluded successfully on March 2, 2023. During the exhibition, the overseasteam of Smawave Technology appeared on the international stage with many mainproducts, comprehensively attacking the global market and receiving muchattention.


MWCprovides global enterprises an excellent opportunity to showcase the latestmobile technology to the world, establish future partnerships, and discuss andcommunicate with top industry experts. To enable enterprises to understand andshare the trends of the future mobile industry better, as well as the latestmobile products and services in the future.

Let’sreview the exciting moments and grand exhibition occasion at the Smawave booth.

Asone of the largest mobile communication exhibitions in the world, Chinesemanufacturers have once again become the protagonist of MWC after three yearsof absence.


Asone of the Chinese enterprises participating in this exhibition, Smawave activelydiscusses new technologies with industry expert representatives and seeksopportunities for future innovation. At the exhibition, Smawave demonstratedthe latest research and development products, technologies, and services, aswell as the development of future 5G network construction, applications, andservices.

Duringthe exhibition, over 500 customers were received, and Smawave booth received anendless stream of customers. Many intended orders were received on-site.Smawave’s innovative indoor and outdoor full range of products and solutions,as well as its professional service attitude, were unanimously recognized bythe negotiating customers.

Asan industrial Internet solution provider, Smawave has organized a team totravel to Europe as a Chinese enterprise to participate in this industry event.With many main products, Smawave has shown the world its research anddevelopment technology achievements and carefully polished main products,empowering the world with 5G and participating in the reconstruction of theintelligent world pattern in the post-epidemic era.


Inthe future, Smawave will take advantage of advanced production technology andsolutions to bring intelligent, faster, and more efficient online communicationproducts to more partners and customers, helping traditional industries achievedigital transformation.

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